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Sherri Rose is an accomplished photographer and artist that prides herself on seeing the world in a unique and untraditional way.  Her creative eye allows her to see the beauty in the world that is often hidden in everyday moments.


Sherri’s creative journey began later in life after she was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease.  Photography and painting became a meditative outlet that allowed her to focus on things other than the ever-changing symptoms of her disease. She spent many hours in her garden learning and growing as an artist.


Sherri and her husband traveled frequently to New York City for her treatment. While there, they loved to photograph, explore and soak up the energy of the city. You can see the inspiration in some of her work.  These visits ignited a passion for travel that you will often see in many of her other pieces.


Sherri’s motto is “Always Learning and Always Growing” and she hopes to be able to share her personal and professional growth with you through her work and experiences.

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October 2019

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