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by Michele Randall

         Our daily experiences bear no resemblance

         to what we had anticipated—Kenko


Take to life with a jeweler’s loupe:


to look only at each brush stroke,

the degradation of a pigment, centuries


old, the thinnest vein on David’s hand,

the softer dots of Signac’s Seine Steamer,


to crawl inside a secret conversation

between childhood friends, whispered,


to be the hiccup, soundwave, post giggle,

to ride a bumble bee in an orange grove,


in full bloom, to inhabit the smallest space,

as if we own the whole world.

Michele Parker Randall is the author of Museum of Everyday Life (Kelsay Books 2015). Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Atlanta Review, Bellevue Literary Review, Painted Bride Quarterly, Green Mountains Review, and elsewhere.


May 2019

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