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Blood Avocado

by Kristin M. Stein

In the low-boughed trees of Morelia

alligator-green avocados hang,

warm in the balmy Mexican breeze.

The farmer plows, furrows, digs trenches

until his knuckles are bloodied,

his brow wet with salt.

The drug cartel came this morning

wanting their cut—1.86 pesos

for every kilogram of avocados—

last summer he saw them

cut off a woman’s head

because she couldn’t pay.

Her knees buckled under her,

as her body sank to the round.

The price goes up every day.

Nunca es suficiente.


A country away, a woman slices cleanly

on a yellow Formica countertop

and scoops out its pale, buttery flesh,

eating it with a spoon.

Kristin M. Stein is a creative nonfiction writer and poet from upstate New York. She studied creative writing at Pacific University and worked as a copy editor for Pacific’s Literature by Undergraduates Magazine and co-editor for The Beacon and the internationally distributed Silk Road Review. Her work has appeared in Pom Pom Lit and she presented her paper, “Monsters and Madness: The Self as a Monster in the Gothic Novel”, at the 2018 Northwest Undergraduate Conference on Literature. She currently lives in Milwaukie, Oregon with her husband and two dogs. For more information, visit:

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June 2019

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