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by Aspen Beaulieu


Hear the still summer longing –

the sweetness of crickets beyond the border,

beckoning to the world for lives to (re)live.

The silent attraction of wandering –

an exploration of the growing earth and

the misted waters and star-filled sky.

The blanketed light filters through

like deep underwater fractures, sweeping

across those grassy plains like bonded gold.

It's there that the revelation of spirit

saunters above the canopied floor, whisking

away all the pains of early moments and tears.

The flowering of water-lilies filling the air

as they rise above the mud and murky waters,

lifting their blooms towards the unknown, resting.

Stretching, then, held towards the rising sun –

warm breath rising into the atmosphere, adding

to the already steady clouds where they will grow.

Aspen Beaulieu is a 28 year old librarian from Toronto.

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July 2019

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