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CoCo Harris is constantly exploring the notion of how we tell the stories of our lives across genres and art forms. Her story began in Atlanta, GA, and though she lives in Upcountry, SC, she loves Lowcountry, GA. She earned a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from Howard University, and while working on a Master’s in African Studies, she began her IP Law career working for the US Patent Office and became a wife and a mother of three daughters. She later entered the US Patent Bar becoming a patent law professional. 

On the other side of her life and brain, CoCo received her MFA in Writing in Fiction from Spalding University, and is a Zora Neale Huston/Richard Wright Foundation alumna. She is the Founding Editor of Telling Our Stories Press —an imprint showcasing the art of personal narratives. CoCo's short memoir, photo-narratives, and photography appear in Stoneboat Magazine, Blood Lotus, Kindred, Sun Star Review, Gravel, Weirdary and The Raven’s Perch and the Colors of Humanity Art Gallery SKIES juried exhibit. Her work recently exhibited and won the London Photo Contest for Fine Art/Photography.


May 2018

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