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Wykin Community Park

by J. Summerisle Wilson

I speak Japanese

while they spit

at us -


            iya, chigau yo


                        a room full of dolls

                        watches as our hands

                        come apart, glittered

                        in sweat & guilty



They hide from their mothers

here, immaculately dressed

& dirty mouthed.


            Appearances are easy

            when nobody cares

            what's inside.


kagayaki to kagayaki


                  (  I can't

            look you in the eye  )


Approximations of babies

observe. They spit

white foam

from their mouths

            which you swallow

      not wanting to

look weak.


            They mean to

                 hurt us

            so I weird them out.


            Glass eyes linger

               on the gaijin.


            We possess ourselves

              in the spirit

            of their hate


   like ghosts,

or girls

  from comic

books  –


            watashitachi ga

                kireidattara ioni


(why do you always look down?)


Their saliva darkens

in your hair.

J. Summerisle Wilson currently lives in the East Midlands of England & has appeared in various online journals. Her work has been nominated for Best of the Net 2020 and a full list of publications can be found at

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October 2019

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