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Rhea Reeves was born in Louisville, KY. She has worked in mixed media and textile since her Thesis at Columbus College of Art and Design . After obtaining her BFA, Rhea moved to South Florida to work as an art consultant for Steven Greenwald Design. While working as an art consultant Rhea sold custom commissioned pieces to companies like Liberty Mutual and The Lifeline Corporation.Rhea has predominantly sold work through private sales and is excited to build Gallery relationships in the United States.


Rhea loves creating her own surfaces.The material she uses when building the base of her structures requires her to remain flexible. The wire, thread, batting, and fabrics all have limitations. The wire can only be bent in certain directions due to its pattern. The thread can be thrown but how it lands is very much out of Rheas control. She loves to build contrast with juxtaposing the organic rolling twisting surfaces with the hard line frames she builds.


Pursuit of Love is Rhea’s latest completed body of work. It is an expressive series on prayer, meditation, the energy of intention and holding a quiet space for healing. These three dimensional paintings are made of wire,cotton and bamboo batting, cloth, thread, acrylics and paint. Pursuit of Love is about the emotional state she holds while painting. Rhea uses that intention, to build an emotional response for the viewer that is unique to each individual.


Rhea is currently living in the Dc area working on two new bodies of work, Essence Portraits and the Surface series. Essence portraits are reflective on the Pursuit of Love series. The Essence portraits are executions done in a meditative state. Instead of painting a physical likeness, Rhea tunes in and listens to the quiet whisper inside her, then applies paint and a color scheme in a way, that holds the essence(feeling states) of that particular person. Surface is a body of work that are expressive and vibrant. These works are inspired by string theory, quilting, and how audible sound influences action. The intense color and small nuances invite the viewer to get in and look at surface. See more of Rhea's work at


November 2018

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