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Eric Erekson lives in Salt Lake City, UT accompanied by his partner Sallie and child Charlie. His art practices began at an age too early to remember. Having a mother that is also an artist made creating a natural and everyday behavior. He refined his skills while obtaining a BFA emphasizing in painting and drawing. Perusing art on a professional level came next. Achieving milestones as an artist, participating in shows both solo and group as well as being published, and represented. This was put on hold after an accident that took about 4 years to recover from. The result of this was a loss of everything tangible and any progress made as an artist. Losing everything provided Eric the luxury of knowing He had nothing to lose. This was extremely liberating and inevitably freed up the possibilities of what he could accomplish as an artist. He started making paintings again with the mindset that making whatever he wanted was my primary goal. Buying more time and a fostering environment by returning to school and obtaining an MFA. During this time fully exploring and refining his new direction. This also expanded his creative practices to include the role of educator, Now teaching courses at the University of Utah. He also brings the importance of art and creative practices to the community through Continuing Education. He has a strong work ethic and an ever expanding body of work. Visualizing his work continuing on for many years becoming an addition to the lineage of practitioners before him and inspiring those that come after He has gone. In doing so becoming part of a large body of Art that surpasses anything one person can make in lifetime.

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May 2019

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