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Eve, A Flapper

by Nadia Farjami

she rises with the ravens & walks

on the street bare


she shuffles her tap shoes on

the cement


she clutches cigarette

smoke and

wraps it around her waist—

a loose corset


she’s boneless;

her skin is sticky

with cider


she’s no longer

in eden,

but she’s finally

her own

Nadia Farjami is a poet and high school student from Southern California. Her work has been recognized by The New York Times, The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, Cathexis Northwest Press, Polyphony LIT, Prometheus Dreaming, Hollins University, Youth Poet Laureate and more. Nadia is a Marketing Intern for the Adroit Journal and a Genre Editor for Polyphony LIT.


August 2019

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