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Father & Fawn

by Joe Andrews

It takes ten minutes

for a new born deer to stand,

eight hours to walk.

My father's cancer was a weed, green

creeping buttercup, ragwort and dandelions,

tapped roots on the wrinkles of his brain.

Deer celebrate spring

bleeding velvet from antlers,

bearing stronger horns.

Loss comes packaged when you're younger,

The bad news boys, your dad is dead

the good news, we're getting our first computer.

Children acknowledge

death the way a herd of deer

understands the wind.

I could have spent my

life teaching the wind to deer -

my dad would still be dead.

Joe Andrews is a Nottingham based poet and educator. They are the event coordinator for the University of Nottingham's Poetry and Spoken Word Society, where they help organise events and runs weekly poetry workshops for other university students. Outside of poetry, Joe is studying a PGCE in Secondary Mathematics to become a maths teacher. 

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April 2019

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