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Kyle Selley graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2017 and he is currently sponsored by Dominator Fireworks. He is a classically trained ceramicist and sculptor but he feels that he has found something genuine in firework art and it fully satisfy his artistic nature. Unfamiliar spectacles of bright light ignite some part of the human soul and we are deeply mesmerized by the phenomenon. Kyle is studying to gain a better understanding of people’s natural fascination with fireworks and compare them to his own interests and sentimental associations. His firework residue paintings are meant to immerse the viewer, leaving them aw struck. Through the immersive image field and vast space created, filled with an almost overwhelming amount of visual information, he hopes to provide the viewer with a similar experience of the sublime to which he experiences while creating the work. Kyle seeks to create an expansive, almost celestial realm, providing a form of visual meditation. He wants this two-dimensional work to feel like a three-dimensional space of escape.


January 2019

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