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Harold Olejarz began his career as a sculptor. He worked mostly in wood and created wood sculptures ranging from waves to figural sculptures inspired by Greek sculpture. Later, he turned to Performance Art and created wearable sculptures. He installed himself, as art, in museums and public spaces across the country. His performances were written about in many newspapers and featured on TV news programs, including NJN and WOR in the New York area and the cover of the NY Daily News.


Presently, Olejarz uses his photographs of buildings, art objects, nature or landscapes and edits the image. Then, the images are repeated and rotated. Patterns evolve as the image is copied, repeated and rotated. Olejarz’s art has been exhibited in numerous galleries and at the New Museum in New York and The Newark Museum and The Jersey City Museum in New Jersey. Olejarz was awarded a public art commission by NJ Transit. For this commission he created two etched glass block windscreens, that are installed at the Pavonia/Newport Light Rail Station in Jersey City

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December 2019

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