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From Where We're Born

by Gavin Thagard

The wood spits sparks

as the bark

crumbles first into ashes

out the furnace—

the door open.

Dad's on the couch glued

to the news.

Not too sure he's worried

no hurry

to keep the embers trapped—

his attention sapped.

The room's near hot

they've loaded the bus

and the Guard's in Texas.

Dad turns

the door open

the fire burns;

no need to let wood rot.

Gavin Thagard is a writer out of Atlanta, GA, though he tries his hand at various arts. He is an underworked actor and director, currently developing his playwriting skills. He also writes both poetry and short fiction. He has published work in such places as Arden, Z Publishing House, and The Esthetic Apostle. In his free time, Gavin looks for ways to push literary quality back into mainstream American art. He hopes you will help. You can find him on Instagram @theoldearl.

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April 2019

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