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He's Still Here

by Jeremy-Deborah Bryant

By day, I am laughter, smiles, bless you’s.

Evening, I am where are you?, heart splintered,

                drowned blue.

Night, I am a Joni Mitchell lyric, a forgotten painter,

                a country station’s croon.

Morning, I put on my makeup, the thick smile lines,

                the rouged joy.

They need me this way, unaffected and gladsome,

                pretending he never left.

Jeremy Deborah Bryant is a graduate of the low residency MFA program at West Virginia Wesleyan College. He currently lives in the woods of Virginia where he writes poetry, drinks hot tea, and thinks about the mysterious ocean. Jeremy’s work can be found in Prism, Anima Magazine, New Verse News, The Pikeville Review, and EOAGH.


February 2020

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