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Here Is a Long Story

by Alex Sniatkowski


There are some rules. Do not consider these men as noble. Do not consider them

to be martyrs. Some of these men were pretty abhorrent. Make sure you remember that.

This is a very long story, so best to begin now.

The men in this story lost their jobs after their occupation was found to be too

destructive. Their occupation was too destructive. After, they fashioned themselves self-

reliant men and convinced themselves they could use that trait to learn a new skill that

would make them more marketable. There were a lot of people who convinced them they

could. When they failed, which everyone knew there was a good chance of, the men were

murdered in a variety of creative ways.

Alex's work has appeared in Bodega Magazine, Hobart Pulp, and the Dangling Modifier. He lives in D.C., where he accidentally covered a white house press briefing. He podcasts with his friends about punk music. You can follow him on twitter @alexsniatkowski


August 2018

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