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i could go crazy like jack nicholson from the shining

by Abigail Diaz


friday after school: a cloud of

black between my ears again. i lay my head next to my

dog's head, wonder if she'll feel a difference when i die.

it's a little thing, you know. smallest

of the small, a smoke alarm blinking at the

back of my skull. one of these days the whole place will blow

sky-high, the air will rain the soft and ugly

shrapnel of my body, and finally i will

cease to matter.

Abigail Diaz is an aspiring author of both poetry and fiction. She has been practicing fiction for five years and poetry for two. She had had poetry published in the Sheepshead Review, the Ear, and Rock&Sling Magazine. She is currently a freshman at Texas State University and is majoring in English, with hopes of publishing poetry and fiction full-time in the future.

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November 2019

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