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Let's Face It - 1
Let's Face It - 2
Let's Face It - 3

Let’s Face It, is a project that Nuveen Barwari has been working on to help shed light on the struggles that Muslims in America and other parts of the world deal with every day. The struggle refers to not only the stereotypical bias that many Muslims face here in America, but also to the women who are oppressed and forced to wear the hijab in other countries. These pieces are in honor of all the women around the globe, east to west who face very different types of oppressions yet are in so many ways share a similar struggle. Each hijab is wrapped in a unique style, and different color. Including one that is wrapped in a red hijab that says, "make America love again". The faces are covered in reflective sheets, so when the viewer walks up to it; one will see bits and pieces of their own reflection in each face. This symbolizes the beauty of how the hijab is an outer representation of what these women stand for, but the inner beauty are bits that only you can see if you get close enough. The project also include an interactive social experiment where numerous statements are collected by people all over the western world (USA/Europe), and each statement begins with the phrase “Let’s Face It…..”, they are then urged to write a statement that reflects their opinions on western behavior towards Muslims and the practice of wearing the Hijab.


August 2018

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