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march 2018


Frederick Barrows

Property of Mitch

Erika Carey

Highway 9

Ronald DeStefano


D.E. Hardy

Spirit Animal

David Olsson

A Daughter's Wish (The World is Never Silent)

Joel Blackstock

The Light

Eric Ceballos-McGee

How My Brother Abdul Becomes a Militant

Jonathan Garcia

And Abigail

Phil Lane


Eric Stiefel

Ministry of the Interior


Joie Bauman

Write Bloody & Duality

Avi-Yona Israel

big idea

Allison Guitard

The Unraveling

Christopher Maloney

Twelve 15

Christiana Weisel

What Remains

Brandyce Ingram

The Artist/Pansyass in the Morning

Bill Garten


Dawid Juraszek & Lu Lin


Chanteria Milner

Channel Surfing

Nicole Zdeb

The Blue

Artwork / Photography

Qrcky Art


Jury S. Judge


J.E. Crum

Dream Sequences

Michelle Nguyen

Emotional Portraits

Mohsin Raza

Raza's Photography

Faizan Adil

Sonder Seclusion

Rebeka Fergusson-Lutz

Heaven and Hell

Kenny Nguyen

Dark Dreams

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