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If Night Then So Too the Morning

by Gary Beaumier

Did you know I whisper things to you

in the night when you are seized in a paralytic sleep

we are nights conquest in its negligee of fog

night that mimics our finality

Did we defy mortality long ago

with our little deaths

our delicious agonized finishes

I hover my face over you

to match my breathing to yours

and wonder of the course and variance

of your dreams as I whisper


let them commingle --these dreams--

in some recitation of our infirmities

--a weakness here a breakage acknowledged--

this is how night works its murderous ways


we are now with badly mended wings

but I will fly these hours with you

to where night takes us as its downdrafts

smash us to the ground

I whisper regrets with a crumpled face

I whisper love with ashen breath

I whisper lust with a kiss to you hand

and even as the grey dawn creeps

beyond the shuttered windows

and everything is stripped away


It is then we find ourselves new

and perfect again.

Gary Beaumier has a degree in English Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He has been a finalist for the Luminaire Award as well as the Joy Bale Boone Award. Gary's chapbook From My Family to Yours has been accepted for publication by Finishing Line Press. Gary's poem "The Rio Grande" was nominated for the best of the net and he won first prize for Streetlight Magazine for his poem Night Train to Paris. 


August 2019

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