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On The Sickbed

by Aiden Heung

The slashing rain,

out there —

Howling cacophony

from the sky,

the earth drowned,


red lights like wounds,


in the miasmatic

air, the scent

of rotten leaves,

and hints of feet.

Wind patrols,

throwing the fists.



the combat of seasons,

elemental trickery,

weather treacherous

above this city,

sovereign like a queen—


No one hears you !

except perhaps a toddler


like a caged thrush

Aiden Heung, a native Chinese poet born and raised on the edge of Tibetan Plateau; He holds an MA in literature at Tongji University in Shanghai where he currently works and lives. His poems have been published in many online and offline magazines, most recently in Literary Shanghai, A Shanghai literary Review, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, New English Review,Anak Sastra among many others.


He is an avid reader who teaches himself to write both in English and Chinese. he can be found at or

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June 2019

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