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Orienting Oneself to Overpasses

by Jake Bailey

Concrete pillars, vehicular veins

                 humming with reckless rush-hour traffic,

bag weighing heavy on footpath,

                 sensations rise, anxious anticipations,

magnets drawn to ledge—doors that,

                 once opened, can never atone

for what is on the other side

                 of steps scraping gravel and gum along cigarette butt

trails littered with voices asking for change—

Jake Bailey is a first-year graduate student in Antioch University’s MFA in Creative Writing program and considers himself a schizotypal confessionalist. He has forthcoming work in The Laurel Review and has been published in The Esthetic Apostle and Prairie Light Review. He is also an associate editor for Lunch Ticket and lives in Chicago with his girlfriend and three dogs.


November 2018

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