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Serving Tea

by Alan Meyrowitz

          On caring for

          my father


He still prefers

a cup of tea


Therein, something

I can do


Serving tea,

the privilege mine


to honor all that

he had been


His will to thrive

is waning, a closing door

on years well lived—


through cups of tea,

two spirits buoyed and bonding


if only for some hours more

Alan Meyrowitz retired in 2005 after a career in computer research. His writing has appeared in Dark Ink Anthology, Eclectica, Esthetic Apostle, Existere, Front Range Review, Inwood Indiana, Jitter, The Literary Hatchet, Lucid Rhythms, The Nassau Review, Poetry Quarterly, Schuylkill Valley Journal, Shark Reef, Shroud, Spirit’s Tincture, Star*Line, and others.

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June 2019

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