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Sharing Tea With A Monk

by Stuart Forrest

I tell you there are pieces of heaven
that fall to earth.
They become teashops in Hong Kong.
In one such place, I met a monk.
We shared a pot of pu-er and poetry.
Suddenly, he stood with a start.
“I must go,” he said.
“I must confess my sins to the abbot.”
I asked,” Is your abbot a man, like us?”
He said, “Of course.”
I pushed a spittoon close to his chair.
“Confess into this,” I said.
“It is without sin and much purer inside.”
We laughed until we ached.
We stayed in heaven and watched
the moon rise above Tai Mo Shan.

Stuart Forrest was born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1951. That was a long time ago. His family moved to San Mateo, California when he was 10 years old. Now a retired black gentleman who tries to write poems and stories after attending Stanford University Continuing Studies living in Oceanside, California. Stuart has a website,, and that's all there is until he gets famous or notorious.


May 2019

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