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Taken for Granted

by Jawad Talut


            I looked at the head of the girl that grew out of my shoulder, we screamed at each other until my voice box hurt. “Hey asshole, This isn’t what I meant when I said ‘I wanted head!’” This morning I found a lighter on the ground, I flicked the wheel and out came the genie ‘Flimzo’.

            The genie flowed out of the flint, it looked like an anthropomorphic fire. He rubbed his eyes together as he said “Sorry I wasn’t able to hear you clearly. Speak louder next time.” Sounding like he just got out of bed. You can only see him from the waist up, the rest of his body was bound to the lighter.

            “What’s going on!” The Woman who was joint upon me screamed into my ear.

            “Pipe down! Listen here you, you fix me this instant.” I pointed at Flimzo.

            “You sure? It’ll cost you another wish.” He replied.

            “But you made a mistake!” I cried.

            “Rules are rules, when a wish is granted it can’t be undone… And no wishing for more wishes.” As Flimzo wagged his index.

            “Okay fine, how many wishes do I have left?” I asked him.

            “It’s the same number in every story, you got two more.” the genie sounded annoyed.

            “Just wish me off of here!” Screamed the other head on my shoulder.

            “Wait a minute lady, I’m trying to think of my options.” I said as I flicked her on the forehead for screaming again.

            Suddenly the Woman screamed then bit onto my ear. In between her grunts and yells I heard her say, “Listen here you, get me back my body right now fore I rip this off!”

            “Ahh- Fine! I wish this rude woman back to the flea ridden flesh bag she calls her body.”  After I said that, Flimzo snapped his fingers. the head whose name I didn’t even catch disappeared off my shoulder in a puff of smoke.

            “You got one left.” Flimzo said as he laid down on the floor.

            “Ugh, what am I gonna wish for? The ability to stop time. Super speed. Immortality!”
            “Can you hurry up and pick one so I can go back to sleep?” Said Flimzo with his head resting on his hand.

            “Just give me a minute. I wish I had a clearer voice so you could have heard me the first time--.” Before I even realized, Flimzo had raised his hand in the air.

            “No, wait!” I said frantically going over to stop it, but it was too late. Flimzo had already snapped his fingers. Both Flimzo and his lighter turned into clouds of smoke.

            “Damnit.” I said in a vocal and velour voice.

Jawad Talut is in his 2nd year in the University of Toronto. He is currently studying English and Creative Writing in hopes of becoming a writer in the future. He is a member of many writing groups on his campus. He has one non-fiction piece that will be published by the Hawkins Project. He writes funny stories in hopes to cheer up whoever reads them.


August 2019

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