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The Doorknobs

by Krista Rossi

The divided doorknobs hang in their coffin,

seeing no sight of their shared possession

yet holding onto their grounded halves.


While a bright brass braves the light

and reveals the sun, a silent silver cowers

and hides the moon in a desperate fear.


                        One side buried, the other exhumed;

                        One wood warm, the other bitter;

                        One knob lost, the other found.         


A single, right turn is all that is needed—

but how easily one can get lost among

shadows and insufferable burdens.


The Tree of Life, made into the coffin,

kills so it may live—only then can the

hand find the moon and turn.

Krista Rossi is a Philadelphia native who holds a Bachelor of Arts in English with minors in psychology and Spanish. By day, she is a ghost writer for several companies; by night, she is an over-caffeinated creative writer who should really get more sleep. Her poetry has appeared in The Ibis Head Review and Black Fox Literary Magazine.


June 2019

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