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The Places We Know Best

by Avery R. Wellman

The dim light in the night

realigns the way a mind

wants to remember a place.

The street slopes differently now

and the river seems wider.

The ground is wet, but not from a rain,

instead there is a faint dew

that lingers in the darkness

above the sidewalk.

And the air has changed completely,

like the opening of a refrigerator

after the dead sweat heat

of a long and lovely summer day.

The places we know best are the ones

that stay always like a stranger


and stand in front of us like a hollow tree,

faking at life

but making at something else.

Art? Maybe.


something that none of us

quiet know about


Avery R Wellman is a working poet of ten years. Avery was born and raised in Virginia and now lives in Southern California with his wife. Avery's writing ranges from stark realism to spirituality and mysticism.


November 2018

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