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A Pollock-Krasner recipient, Ted Vasin was born and educated in Moscow. He was an artist-in-residence at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, exhibiting at the Palace of the Legion of Honor and the De Young Art Center. Ted has exhibited for two decades both internationally and statewide including shows at the 101/exhibit, Limm Art Gallery, Davis Art Center, artMRKT Hamptons, Frey Norris Gallery (currently Wendi Norris), Tarryn Teresa Gallery, Sotheby's New York, Tel Aviv and Amsterdam, Stanford Art Spaces. 

Through an inimitable method where superfine curvy thread-like brushstrokes resemble pulsating organic fractals, Ted Vasin’s paintings radiate an energy vibration. By altering the way the eye perceives an image his paintings transcend the restraints of the visual senses as well the two-dimensional plane. 

Using translucent interference acrylics he is able paint multiple ultra-thin layers without compromising color vibrancy. Each subsequent layer modifies the color of the one beneath it, creating an efflorescent luminism. These additions expand conventional associations between a painting's color content and the way that colors transform into different illusions of light whose hues and saturations shift as the viewer walks past and around the works. 

Reflective of the personal experience and revealing the vibrational nature of the universe, Vasin’s paintings are bridging the gap between fantastical dreams and quotidian life, communicating a strange and an unfamiliar perspective in an enveloping multi-dimensional world where shapes defy simple associations.


August 2019

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