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When Did You Get So Old

by L.V. Berne

When did you get so old?

your skin is thin and brittle

like rice paper.

In your chair facing the sea

you are stooped, bent, and twisted

by too many years in the wind and the rain.

I watch you and wonder when did you stop

being the giant in the room,

slayer of monsters under the bed.

It must have happened slowly over time

like cold honey into tea.

Or maybe it happened when I wasn’t looking

the way dirt builds up in the corners

of window sills. 

L.V. Berne is originally from Alaska she currently resides in Aspen, Colorado. Luisa is a practicing lawyer with a passion for writing. Her work has appeared in Open Windows- 2006 and Ice Box: UAF student literary Journal and Alaska Women Speak: Spring 2019.

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September 2019

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