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February 2018


Kemmer Anderson

3 A.M.

John Barrale

Paintings in the Peabody Essex Museum

Frank Candeloro

Dead Language & The Afterlife of Poems

Steven Farrell

An American in Galway City, Ireland

J.W. Heacock


Anastasia Jill

The Density of Yarn

Jessica Simpkiss

Boys that love girls

C. M. Tollefson

Joie De Vivre

Erin Anastasia

This, the Common Air that Bathes the Globe

Adam Bjelland

Sweet Polyphony

Wm. Anthony Connolly

Slow Lone Burn

John A. Griffin

The Petty Shop

Roger Howard

Fifty Years From Now

Gerard Sarnat


Jarred Thopson

Good/Black Friday

Candice Tucker

Helpless Healer

Artwork / Photography


Surreal Assemblage

Ben Jimenez

Imagination of Bliss

Leah Oates

Transitory Space

J. Ray Paradiso

Chicago Suite

JC Hopkins

On and Around the City

Mick O'Seasnain

Purple Zebra & No Flipping Way


The Esthetic Apostle
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