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January on the Potomac
Night on an Appalachian
Day on an Appalachian Trail
Night on an Appalachian Trail

The writer is a medically retired Marine intelligence analyst, freelance writer, and artist. Poetry and creative unconventional prose are his favorite forms of literary expression, but he is also experienced in technical writing and journalism. Russell has written professionally as an intelligence analyst and has contributed to the Marine Corps Gazette on matters relating to analytical training and analyst development. Russell taught analysis and analytical writing to career level Marine and Navy intelligence personnel while stationed in Virginia Beach. After his retirement, he interned with the Onslow Times, Jacksonville NC, while attending Coastal Carolina Community College. Russell is currently homeschooling his 3rd and 4th grade children while he continues to write poetry and work on graphic design projects. His major influences include Walt Whitman, Hunter S. Thompson, and Ralph Steadman.

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March 2019

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