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March 2019

Artwork / Photography

    Philip Arnold

Plastique: Paris


 Bonnie Brushwood

Beautiful Entropy

Mohamed Elsawi


Nicole Irene

Spread My Dreams at Your Feet

Jury S. Judge

Garden Variety

Jupp Soetebier

in that hall, i forgot

Guilherme Bergamini
Green Earth Stone

Lucas Damiani    


Xiao Faria daCunha

Righteously Beautiful

Jeffrey Cortland Jones

Clenched Fist Black Eyes

Ni Petrov

Man City

Agniya Tolstokulakova

A Love Affair with Pastel


Bhupin Butaney

Dying Day

Julie Allyn Johnson

Poetry Club Critique

Lisa Krawczyk

Wilmington: a Portrait


Robert Rubino

False Gods: A Personal Sampler (1948 - )


Allen Weber

Storm Chasers

Sophia Falco

Rocket Ship

Candice Kelsey    

I Hold My Father's Beer

Anthony Olabarrieta

When the Sun Sets and You Dream of Me

Gerard Sarnat

Brisket A Tasket Blue 

Paris Weslyn



Alex Eaker



Jordan Faber

The Rose Petal

The Esthetic Apostle
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