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July 2018


CK Baker



Gary Beaumier
From Certain Distances in Space I Still See My Brother


Katerina Canyon

Leaving a Mark

Susan Dugan

Lilacs can drive you mad


Stephen Herman

Station to Station

    Andrew Posner

The Letter

Patrick T. Reardon



Eric Rose

A Portrait of the Lover


Joujou Safa

The Plume Thistle Fails to Blossom


Sierra Sitzes

We, Young Girls

Patrick Sylvain


Ethan Zaborowski

Today, I met a girl named Tyranny


Kristopher Armstrong
Not Mine Alone

Bailey Bridgewater


Rachel Browning

Mrs. MacGillivray

    William Diamond
Innocent Trauma

Artyv K

Alexis Kennell
Which Way is South

Ellen Perry
Wrong Turn

Deidre Robinson

She Fades

Artwork / Photography

  Panyagal Charm

Reality is Boring

Alexander Landerman


Martha Nance
Black and White

Rachel Rosenfeld

Opacity and the Family Album

Alex Stolis

Leaving Las Vegas

Bountheng Tanakhone

Homemade Stories


The Esthetic Apostle

All wickedness comes from weakness.

The child is wicked only because he is weak.

Make him strong; he will be good.

He who could do everything would never do harm.
~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Emile or On Education

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